For the third year in a row I have been selected in the Cisco Champion program. Very honored to be recognized as an influential individual in the networking industry by one of the biggest vendors in the world. I hope 2019 will be filled with just as many briefings and opportunities as the last year. I am also glad I get to network with peers in the same line of work as me.

So what is the Cisco Champion program exactly? It's meant as a program to enable a network of passionate people to share knowledge, expertise and experiences across different platforms. There's a forum to exchange ideas, a chat group with different rooms (my favorite being the Scotch Defined Network). Also the program enables you to interact with people within Cisco and provide early feedback on products and product launches.

It's of great value for any professional that works a lot with Cisco products and I really like the group of people that are in it. Glad to be chatting with all of you Champs again in 2019!